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See below our generic design tools:

Optical Fiber Communication System Software



Wavelength Division Multiplexing Network Software for Network Planning & Design.




OFC-SystemsSoft® is a newly developed Optical Fiber Communication Systems Software, which performs systems analysis, design, and optimization of various types of fiber optic transmission links.



WDM-NetSoft™ is a Wavelength Division Multiplexing Network Software for WDM network planning and design of metropolitan or regional or  long haul networks. It is specialized in the design and evaluation of network topologies such as linear, mesh, and ring configurations, It computes the network metrics, physical layer performance (BER, OSNR, & PMD effects), and lightpath blocking rates for both primary and backup paths..




Our System and Network Design Tools Model The  Real World Physical Layer links & Network Topologies

Modelling and Simulation of Photonic Systems and Networks

Modelling, which enables the accurate prediction of system performance, is critical to designing and deploying high speed optical fiber networks. The traditional system photonic simulators involve time domain based wave propagation techniques are computationally expensive, particularly for long haul WDM transmission systems. Our design tools which are based on analytical models yield reasonable accuracy towards the prediction of  system performance of long-haul WDM links.

® Registered Trade Mark of PRLightCOM Broadband Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

 Trade Mark of PRLightCOM Broadband Solutions Pvt. Ltd.